10 years of render

This year RENDERFARM.RO marks 10 years of existence!

It has been a tough year for everyone, which is why we would like to celebrate this milestone in a true render fashion with the RENDERFARM.RO community.

We are gifting 100 credits to anyone, to be used on commercial or nonprofit projects. The credits can be used by end of 2020, so hurry up and request yours!



WHO GETS THE CREDITS? – Anyone can request the giveaway credits. If you are an existing client or a new one, as long as you have a renderfarm.ro account, you can request the credits. If you don’t have an account, then what are you waiting for? :-) Create one now and request your free credits! Please note that the credits request form is visible on this page alone, and only if you are logged in.


WHEN CAN I USE THE FREE CREDITS? – The credits are valid between December 10 – 31, so they must be spent by December 31st, 12am GMT.


HOW MANY FREE CREDITS ARE YOU GIVING AWAY? – There is no limit on the total amount of credits but there is a limit of 100 credits per account. So, we will give 100 credits to anyone who requests it as long as they have a valid renderfarm.ro account. Clients with multiple accounts can request the free credits on only one of their accounts so please make sure you are not requesting the credits multiple times as it will be seen as rigging by our system. Also seen as rigging, is rendering the same project or related scenes over multiple accounts so please don’t do that :)


RENDER RESTRICTIONS? – No restrictions! You can render with any software and render engines supported, CPU and GPU, until your free credits run out. After your free credits run out, you can purchase additional credits at half price under the Covid-19 relief program.


ARE YOU SURE THIS IS FREE? – Yes 100% free, no strings attached.  Well, maybe an optional string…. we wouldn’t mind a shout out on social media and spreading the word about the cool people from renderfarm.ro ;)


WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? – Because we really care about 3d artists.  We’re like that Mom&Pop corner-store that gives you credit when you forget your wallet at home :)  Because we know you, because we…. are you.


In order to access the FREERENDER 4 ALL application form you need to be a registered user of RENDERFARM.RO. Please login or register an account and get back to this page. The form will appear only for users that are logged in.

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