Terms & Conditions

I hereby attest that I am the authorized user for this account (Client), and that I am acting within the line and scope of my agency for Client to enter into this Agreement and to utilize the services of RENDERFARM.RO.

Client will review the render settings table (Summary) on the Dashboard page and verify that all of the information contained therein is accurate and describes the service that Client is ordering from RENDERFARM.RO. Client hereby agrees to allow RENDERFARM.RO to charge the credit card or Paypal account for the total cost of the render. The actual cost of services to be rendered shall be the number of Cores/hours or OB/hours utilized in the processing of the Order, less pre-paid credits, if any are available in Client’s account, multiplied by the cost per Cores/hours or OB/hours specified in the Order.

Client agrees that the rate at which Cores/hours or OB/hours is charged will be that shown in the Order. Client acknowledges and understands that RENDERFARM.RO does not charge for completion of the entire job, but for Cores/hours or OB/hours utilized during processing of the job. Should Client abort the job for any reason, Cores/hours or OB/hours utilized up to the point of abortion will still be charged. Client understands that RENDERFARM.RO is in no way responsible for meeting Client’s deadlines or budgets. Client understands that the RENDERFARM.RO displays a list of “transactions” for all previous work done.

Client understands that RENDERFARM.RO provides no guarantees regarding the completion times on any job, under any circumstances. By using the Cost Calculator you agree that any estimates provided by RENDERFARM.RO are provided purely for educational purposes and shall not be misconstrued to indicate a price quote or other form of guarantee in any way. Client has been given the ability to conduct test renders to help aid the client in determining his own estimate on how long any particular job may take, but the performance on any test frame shall not be construed as any guarantee that performance on any of the frames in the full job will be the same.

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with EU laws. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties relating to this subject matter and supersedes all prior or simultaneous representations, discussions, negotiations, and agreements, whether written or oral. If any part, term, or provision of this Agreement is later considered void, illegal, or unenforceable, or in conflict with any law of federal, state, or local government having jurisdiction over the Agreement, the validity of the remaining portions or provisions shall not be affected.

Should Client fail to pay any invoice then the invoice will accrue interest at the rate of 1% per month, or 12% per annum. In the event RENDERFARM.RO must turn any invoice over to collections then Client agrees to pay all attorneys’ fees, court cost, and expenses related to collection of said invoices.


VERY IMPORTANT : If You or your Client requires an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) please send it by email at office@renderfarm.ro with “NDA Form” in the email Subject, or by FAX at  +40.314.328.735.

Thank You!