Great Talks About Photo Realism




NOTIFICATION: Because of the huge success of this promotion, we decided to make it an ongoing promo so we will continue to put this amazing book on your coffee table :)

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We want to put this great book on your coffee table!

RENDERFARM.RO has partnered with Bogdan Sasu to bring you the best of both worlds, render credits and an awesome book.

Between March 25th – April 30th, for any credit purchase of minimum €200, the first 100 clients will receive a FREE hard copy of “Great talks about Photo Realism shipped anywhere in the world. Yes, anywhere!

That’s not all! For any purchase over €300 you will receive the book and also the amazing 3D scenes that are included in the additional media package. Like we said, we promised the best of both worlds :)

And when you thought this can’t get any better than this… well it can! In a true render fashion, RENDERFARM.RO will double the render credits for any purchase!


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Here is a sneak peek inside the book…just a few pages to get you motivated!

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Great Talks about Photo Realism by Bogdan Sasu is a book that unveils the stories of some of the best international visualization artists in the industry.

If you’ve ever wondered what the secrets behind creating photo-realistic images are, you now have a chance to peek inside the great minds who left an expert mark in the visualization field. Reading the artists stories and being able to connect with their creative process, it’s probably the most important benefit you can get from this book. Every story is a journey that takes you through their beliefs and thought process, to reach the end point – a “realistic realm” that rivals reality itself.

The book is the very first such project uniting world-renowned artists in the global 3D community.

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About the author

Bogdan Sasu is an artist and author with a drive for art and innovation. Back in 2016, the idea that later will be known as GTAPR was born out of the desire to achieve realism in his images and from the eagerness to learn from the best in the field. Pretty soon he realized that his struggle wasn’t only his and wanted to give every artist the chance to “talk” with great names from the industry. The name of the book, the layout and everything about this first volume was pre-built in his imagination years before he saw the first draft printed.
We invite you to take part in his journey page by page! And we are very proud to have been able to bring this book to the community.


These are the amazing 3D scenes you will get in the additional media package!

Yes, you will get the full 3D project from the artist including all the assets. This is a great opportunity to learn how they did it and to help you reach the next step towards photo realism in your projects!

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Questions you may have…


When is this awesome promotion starting?

The promotion will run between March 25th – April 30th. Any credit purchase between these dates will give you double the credits. buy 1 get 2!

How do I get my book?

It’s simple. After you purchase a minimum of €200, besides doubling your credits for a total of 400, we will also forward your information to the GTAPR team and they will contact you to schedule the shipment. Please note that because we have only 100 books available, there is a limit of 1 book per customer, so hurry and get your copy soon!

How do I get the Optional and Amazing 3D scenes?

This is even simpler :) After you purchase a minimum of €300, we will double it for a total of 600 credits, and the team from GTAPR will get in touch with you regarding the physical shipment of the book. They’ll also send you a link where you can download the 3D scenes.

Do my eyes deceive me? Do you really ship anywhere in the world?

Yes, you saw correctly. You will get your book anywhere in the world with very few exceptions. For example, we won’t ship it if you’re living on top of Mount Everest or if you’re located in the middle of the Sahara Desert  :-)

Could COVID-19 create some unwanted shipment bottlenecks?

Unfortunately, there could be some shipping delays due to specific country restrictions. This is not something that we can control, but we will update you in case there are any issues with your shipment.

What is the shipping cost? I didn’t see any mention of it so I am a bit worried…

We didn’t mention it because shipping is FREE. Yes, free shipping anywhere in the world!

I understand that I get the GTAPR book and I also get the 3D Scenes, but what about those free credits… ?

You will get 2x the credits for any purchase. For any credits purchase above €200 you will also get the GTAPR book and for any credits purchase above €300 you will get both the book and the 3d scenes on top of the free credits. So, for €300 you will get 600 credits, the book and the 3d scenes  ;-)

The book is awesome and I definitely want it, but I also want to render so I need more than 200 or 300 credits. Does this promotion have any credit purchase limitations?

No, there is no limit on credit purchases. You can buy as many credits as you need and we will double that amount.