*Now that we got your attention with the huge text above, let’s get to the fine print for the #FREERENDER promotion:


WHO? – Only non-commercial projects are eligible. So, if your project is supporting a worthy cause, or you are a student that needs to finish your media project… then this is for you!

If your project is commercial, no worries, as we have something for you as well: Check the Covid-19 relief program with 50% off for any credits purchased, or contact us to discuss it.


WHEN? – The program will run for the entire month of June 2020 (June 1 – 30), so the funds awarded must be spent by June 30th, 12am GMT.


HOW MUCH? – We will sponsor up to 10 projects for a total of €10,000.  Each of the selected projects will receive €1,000 in render credits. If less than 10 projects are awarded, we can redirect the unused funds to the selected projects.


RENDER RESTRICTIONS? – No restrictions! You can render with all the software and render engines supported, CPU and GPU, until your awarded credits run out.


FREE? – Yes 100% free, but you are required to mention us as a sponsor in the credits and in any official materials or websites related to your project. Also, we wouldn’t mind a shout out on social media and spreading the word about the cool people from ;)


WHY? – Because we can and we truly care! The impact Covid-19 had on the media industry and the society as a whole was a huge wake up call and we couldn’t stay idle. So, we’re trying as best as we can to support the industry, that supported us for so many years.




The #FREERENDER 1st Edition is over!

Thank you to all our participants. We will update this page soon with the winning projects.