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The #FREERENDER 1st Edition is over!

Thank you to all our participants. We are updating this page with the winning projects, as the artists are finalizing their work. Rendering was just a part of the process :)

Stay tuned for the #FREERENDER 2nd edition. Coming in 2021! Make sure you follow us on social media so you won’t miss any updates.



Selected winners of the #FREERENDER 1st Edition


Check out FUNKEL, our 1st #FREERENDER winner. Click on the image below to watch his music video “The Turning” and read the interview he granted us.




Here is Pio Gil, our 2nd #FREERENDER winner. Click on the image below to watch his political satire short film, “El Planeta de Los Lelos” and read the interview.



We proudly supported the young and extremely gifted artist Jimmy David Kintu to render his student short film, Hermit Cliff. Here is the 3rd winner of the RENDERFARM.RO #FREERENDER program!



We helped the amazing 3d artist and musician Pekka Varis to render The Truth, the latest music video from his band, Steel Jungle.