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COVID-19 Relief Program

In order to support our customers in these trying times, we have cut our prices in half. The media industry will be widely affected by this outbreak and we want to do our part to support it, even if it means that our bottom line will be affected. It is more important to sustain our media friends than to make a quick buck.

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We partnered with AiUpScale™ to bring you a fresh approach to rendering. No more spending lots of money rendering your work at huge resolutions as we will upscale your output to the desired resolution at a fraction of the rendering cost.

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Cost efficient

With prices starting at 1 cent /Ghz /hour and 0.5 cent /OB /hour, Renderfarm.ro is one of the cheapest render options on the market. When economies of scale are at work, clients are supplied with an outstanding service, at a very low price. If you are in a hurry, you also have the option to prioritize your render by choosing one of our priority plans.

Volume discounts

Are you a 3D professional? You may be interested in the volume discounts in our Bonus Prepaid Packages. For instance, if you pay €750, you will get 900 Render Credits. If you pay €5,000, you will get 7,500 Render Credits. By estimating your rendering needs for the next few months rather than for each project, you can save considerably.

Discover the Bonus Prepaid Packages.

Cost Calculator

The Cost Calculator estimates the rendering duration and cost of your project. This estimation is based on the average rendering duration of an image on your computer. To get an accurate estimation, you need to enter accurate parameters.

We try to keep the calculator as accurate as possible, but keep in mind that the resulted values are for information purposes. If Your CPU is not in our list, please let us know and we will add it as soon as possible.

Try our Cost Calculator.

50% Academia & NGO discount

Are you a student, teacher or trainer? If you are enrolled in or employed by a public or private school, university, NGO or specialized training course, we will double* your Credits on any purchase and on any amount. For instance, if you purchase €100, we double it and you get €200 of rendering credits.

To benefit from this offer, send us a valid document which proves your academic or non governmental organization status.

*This offer is not cumulative with any discounts and/or available promotions. It is a stand alone offer.

Unlimited* Free testing

Tests are very important to identify any potential problems or apply additional tweaks before spending any money. We offer unlimited* up to 1024/1024px tests. Just choose Free Test when adding a New Project and specify the frame you want tested. After the test is successful, you can proceed to render knowing that the output will look exactly how it should.

* You can also check the free test limitations in your dashboard in the Add Project section.

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24/7 render and 10h support daily

RENDERFARM.RO has 2 separate renderfarms:

The AUTOFARM leverages incredible CPU and GPU render power, is scalable on demand and runs on the latest INTEL Cascade Lake and AMD Epyc Rome CPUs accompanied by the most powerful GPUs on the planet – the Nvidia Tesla T4, P100 and V100. As it is a true CLOUD infrastructure, we can scale to meet any requirements. Get in touch with us if you need more power than our preset packages.

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